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DC Training & Consultancy often undertakes work as "appointed safety advisors" on CDM Projects for companies throughout the UK.

When appointed, our work mainly consists of the following:

  1. Firstly a site meeting with all relevant parties in order to survey the working area and review significant foreseeable hazards and risks of the project.
  2. Discuss with the Client and Principal Designer, on behalf of the Principal Contractor (our client) any safety concerns of the upcoming project and expectations on how these are to be managed at construction phase. Eg pedestrians, schools nearby, traffic concerns, asbestos in situ
  3. Work alongside the Principal Contractor to prepare their Pre Construction Phase (PCP) Health and Safety Plan for submission at tender stage. This work involves writing the plan with the Principal Contractor & also gathering all relevant RAMS from both the Principal Contractor and any Contractors who will be working for them.
  4. Review the RAMS supplied and if acceptable, include in the plan. If not - seek amendments.
  5. Adjust and revise the PCP plan, if necessary, after first submission, if any queries are raised and resubmit.
  6. Once the job starts we often undertaking, unannounced periodic site safety inspections to ensure standards are being adhered to by all parties on site. Reports of these visits are posted on site and copies sent to the Client/Principal Designer for the project.
  7. For the duration of the project we advise on all aspects of safety where necessary and help the Principal Contractor to manage unforeseen issues that arise.
  8. We will liaise with any enforcing authorities where necessary.
  9. At the end of the project we have a review with our Client to ensure the project has gone to plan.

Projects we have worked on often include:

  • Installing Cavity Insulation
  • Roof work- Fitting New and Repair
  • Repair of Culverts
  • Sealant and Mastic Projects
  • Refurbishment

Please contact David Coggrave on 07879 620917 or by e mail, if you need help as described above.

  • Royal Institute of Public Health
  • Charetered Institute of Environmental Health
  • IOSH